Our Nursery

Our Nursery

About McCorkle Nurseries, Inc.

Runoff2 When C.S. and Avice McCorkle began their family business in 1942, they offered a one-stop retail, landscape and growing operation to the developing community around Augusta, Georgia. The post-World War II housing boom and the Lord’s blessings would propel their business to one of the most favored retail and landscape destinations in the local market. In the late 1950’s, both of the founder’s sons, Don and Jack, joined the family business. Then, in 1977 they sold the retail operation and expanded the 5-acre plant farm and landscape company.


Runoff2 Three of the C.S. and Avice’s grandchildren have chosen an active role in the family business. In 1997, Don’s son, Skeetter became CEO while Jack’s son, Chris, was named General Manager of the Luckey’s Bridge and Neal Mill Farms. Skeetter’s sister, Beverly, also works as assistant to the Rewholesale area on the McCorkle team. In 2007, management initiated McCorkle Direct (MNI Direct), a division focused on servicing the landscape industry by supplying trees and plants for commercial and residential projects in Georgia and the Carolinas. McCorkle Nurseries markets more than 4 million plants annually from its growing operations delivering to over 1,800 customers in the southeastern and mid-Atlantic states. The growing operation consists of an 820-acre farm of which 440 acres is currently in production. McCorkle’s employees strive to exemplify its motto: “Quality First, Service Always.” McCorkle Nurseries is committed to continual growth in producing and marketing quality plants while protecting and improving the environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Runoff2 Stewardship of natural resources is a top priority for McCorkle Nurseries. Most run-off is reclaimed in 17 ponds. The majority of water used for irrigation is reclaimed run-off from production areas.


Runoff2 Multiple pumping systems support irrigation requirements, including Neals Mill main pumping station, which is powered by three 75 horsepower turbine pumps capable of displacing up to 3,000 gallons per minute. All water from this system is treated and filtered and can be injected with liquid fertilizer.

Droid Caretakers

Runoff2 At McCorkle Nurseries, Incorporated, we currently employ 5 robots that tend to our plants. They work alongside the human employees and tirelessly adjust plants to the proper distance from each other for optimal growing conditions.


Runoff2 These robots have an adaptable approach to automation that allow them to scale their environment as well as responding to change. These robots are able to autonomously carry out their jobs without the help of any workers and are even able to account for any programming errors with their own sensory system. To learn more about the robots we employ, click here.

Integrated Plant Health

Runoff2 At McCorkle Nurseries, Inc., we are committed to producing the highest quality plants while continuing to be stewards of our environment. In this spirit, our Plant Health Department utilizes a variety of tactics in our Integrated Pest Management program to manage not only pests and diseases, but total plant health. We actively monitor research, provide internal and external training for our employees, and trial new methods to improve our practices and maintain the most effective and up to date program available. One of our focuses is to limit the use of chemicals as a solution for pests, weeds, and other issues. Any time an item of concern is found on the nursery, the information about the potential issue is passed to the responsible department head and a non-chemical solution is searched for. If chemical intervention is needed, then they are used strictly according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) standards and Worker Protection Standards which every employee is trained to know. Only certain, trained employees apply any chemicals and if there is an issue with safety then the applications are not made.